Activate Your Ruti Scan

Hair & Saliva Sample Collection

Collecting Your Samples

Cheek Swab
Swab at least 20 minutes away from food and mint. Twist cap to break seal, remove swab from tube, and swab inside both cheeks to saturate with saliva. Place swab back in tube and press firmly to "click."

Hair Sample
Cut roughly one teaspoon of hair and place into sample bag. Any hair on the body will do.

Send Samples in Envelope
Write your first and last name on the swab, bag, and profile card and place each into the return envelope. Drop in the mail and await your results!

Scan FAQs

When is the best time to collect samples?

Ideally when you first wake up in the morning before eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth. If that’s not a possibility for you, wait at least 20 minutes after eating/drinking or brushing teeth before collecting your saliva sample.

Is it ok if my hair is colored/dyed?

Yes! Colored hair will not affect your results.

Do I need to cut my hair close to my scalp/body?

Some functional labs (like the HTMA) test the hair closest to the scalp/body, but we are measuring and analyzing the energetic information within your hair/saliva. The entire strand of hair holds the energetic information we need, so cut from anywhere! Yes… we mean anywhere. As long as we have about a teaspoon worth of hair, we’re all good.

What if I don’t have hair?

No problem! Nail clippings will work just fine. Clip as many nails as you can (fingers and toes) and place them in the clear bag. If you have some hair but not enough, you can send a combination of hair and nail clippings.

Will medications or supplements alter my results?

Ideally you will pause all non-essential medications/supplements for 3 days prior to collecting samples. This just helps us get a clear picture of how your body is performing on its own. Alternatively, if you are taking supplements/medications, we can see if and how those things are impacting your body. Just be sure to list those on the health form so we can best interpret your results! Of course, always consult your doctor before stopping prescription medications.

Should I wait to collect samples if I have a cold/flu?

Ideally you will collect samples on “normal for you” day, not when you are acutely ill.

How long do I have to collect my samples once receiving my Ruti kit?

Because some of our testing supplies do have expiration dates, all kits must be used within a year of purchase. We cannot replace or refund unused test kits.

How does shipping work?

Once you have collected your samples and labeled each with your name - place your swab, hair sample, and profile card in the prelabeled return envelope, which can be found underneath the yellow box insert. Then drop it in the mail and stay tuned for email updates once we receive your samples!

What if I purchased a scan for my child or someone else as a gift?

Just be sure the samples and profile care are all labeled correctly with the name of whoever the samples belong to! For children, we will upload results to the parent’s account. If the scan was purchased on behalf of another adult, they will need to create a separate Ruti account for us to upload results. Don’t forget we need a completed health form for every scan!

How long does it take to get my results?

Once our testing center receives your samples, you can expect results in 2-3 weeks.

What happens to my samples after testing?

All samples are securely locked after testing at our testing facility. After two weeks, the samples are destroyed by incineration. Samples are never saved or sold.

Do you test my DNA or sell my information?

Nope! We are measuring energetic information within your hair and saliva to analyze stress, food/environmental sensitivities, nutrient status, resonating toxins, hormones, and for a balancing holistic remedy regimen.

Does “resonating toxin” mean I have that toxin?

Bioenergetics is not a diagnostic tool, meaning we do not use it to diagnose or treat disease. The term “resonating toxin” means we have detected the unique energetic code or signature of that toxin within your samples. This information, combined with all the other data points within your results and health form, gives us great insight into how to best support your body back into balance or homeostasis.

How many scans/remedies will I need?

This depends greatly on the person and the length/complexity of your health issues. Generally speaking, we find that for every year of illness it takes about 1-2 months of focused work to heal. Each round of remedies lasts roughly 4-6 weeks, sometimes longer. Some clients choose to do 3 scans back to back, and then maintenance scans every 6 to 9 months.

Of course lifestyle, diet, stress management, emotional work, etc. will all help move the needle!

Do you offer more 1:1 support after I get results? 

Yes! While every scan purchased through us comes with a free 30 minute consultation to review results, you can always purchase a follow up consultation through your Ruti account if you need more support or clarification. If you’re interested in really maximizing your healing and want more focused 1:1 support, check out our practitioner bundles!

If I send in two samples at the same time, will my results look the same?

Most people are familiar with conventional/diagnostic testing, which absolutely should be repeatable and reproducible. But it’s important to understand that we are working with energetic fields, which are far more sensitive. Once the initial set of samples has been tested, and thus exposed to the energy of our digital testing equipment, the energy field from the second set of samples will almost always shift. This phenomenon is known in the field of Quantum Physics as the Observer Effect. So please, save your money and send in one set of samples at a time!