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Where do I find my Kit ID?

All kits that shipped September 1, 2023 and after included a Kit ID inside of the kit packaging.

Don't have a Kit ID? You might have one of our older kits. That's okay! The swab is still sterile, so reach out to us and we'll issue you a new Kit ID. Email us at hello@ruti.life or contact us here.


I lost my Kit ID

If you can't find or lost your Kit ID, please reach out to us to get assigned a new one. Reach out at hello@ruti.life or contact us here.

Why do I need to create a Ruti account?

Every kit must be assigned to a user profile so we can track your samples and issue your results. When you're results are ready, we'll upload them to your account and email you a link to view.

This scan is for someone else. What email do I use?

Adults: Each adult should register their kit under their own email address if they are able to do so.

Children: If you are registering for a child or another member of your household, you can register their kit under your email account, just make sure their name is on all intake forms and the registration form to activate your kit. You'll see that on the next screen after you login.

Gifts: If you purchased the scan as a gift, don't activate it yet. The recipient will activate the kit when they are ready to collect their samples.