Pick a Lane Podcast

Welcome to Pick a Lane, a podcast focused on healing, self-discovery, and personal freedom hosted by Ruti co-founders Josh and Erin Blatchford.

Hear from inspiring guests and gain insights from the host's personal experiences on their journey to healing and fulfillment. Join the community for practical tips and inspiration to navigate the road to personal freedom, one lane at a time.

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Josh & Erin Blatchford, Ruti Co-founders

Navigating the challenges of chronic Lyme, Josh spent years seeking relief, investing heavily in treatments until bioenergetic testing became his beacon of hope. Erin, a nurse for over a decade, pivoted her focus to holistic healing after witnessing her husband's transformative journey. Together, they co-founded Ruti (with their best friend, Laura!), a holistic wellness brand born from their shared passion for authentic living and well-being. With Erin's expertise in wellness, nutrition, and integrative health, and Josh's firsthand experience with the power of bioenergetics, this dynamic duo is on a mission: to guide others towards true wellness and help them reclaim their freedom.